Flip Flops Pendant


Stage 1 - Denial: "There's no way this is real!"

Stage 2 - Anger: "Why would anyone buy this?"

Stage 3 - Bargaining: "I guess it's not so bad."

Stage 4 - Depression: "I really shouldn't judge others. It's their choice."

Stage 5 - Acceptance: "I'd wear this".

Pendant only. 


1 inch long (25mm). 

Free shipping. Free adjustments. Free returns. Your happiness is guaranteed.

That's Jewelry Lane.

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Every piece of jewelry from Jewelry Lane, with the exception of chains, is handmade with care and love by our Jewelry Artisans.

From conception, to design, to goldsmithing, to polishing and to packaging. Countless hours are spent on each piece of jewelry.

We are proud of our work and honored that you would wear it.

Hard work. Pride. Honesty. Integrity. That's Jewelry Lane.

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