It started 30 years ago with a modest jewelry shop at the end of a narrow lane way. Like many others, we began with only dreams and aspirations.

Times were tough. Working late into the night was typical. But giving customers a path to express themselves through jewelry made us proud.

Jewelry is an expression of one's self. Too often we are told what the perfect model looks like, what the perfect facial and body features are. We are told what type of clothes look good, and commercials tell us what jewelry looks good. But we are not all models. We are unique. We have different skin tones and facial features. Let's celebrate that.

We are here to empower you so that you can get your style and design in the color you want. Jewelry for every skin tone. That’s why we work hard to give you options.

Let us help you express your style and unique look.


Your path, your style, your lane.