How to Match Your Unique Skin Tone to The Perfect Color of Gold Jewelry

One of our most asked questions, is how to choose the best color of gold for your unique skin tone. Like buying blush, lipstick or foundation, everyone is unique. Our suggestions here are not absolute rules, but rather a generalized guide to assist you with your buying decisions. You can use the guide to match jewelry to specific outfits as well (based on the overall color of the clothing).

Jewelry Shopping Like Makeup Shopping

Here at Jewelry Lane, we work hard to provide options. Every design we offer is available in 11 different variations so you can get the design you want, in the variation that is also perfect for your skin tone.

Any color of gold jewelry can look great on you.

While it is possible to make any color of gold jewelry look great on you, we firmly believe that you deserve options, and you deserve to decide what looks best. Not the retailer. And we strive to provide that shopping experience.

Here are some general suggestions:

Skin & Undertones

Typical recommendation

Some Examples

Fair Skin - pale, white undertones

We recommend white gold jewelry. In the right circumstance, the classic 21K or 22K yellow gold would work as well.

- England/British Isles

- Fair skin Asians (such as Koreans & Japanese)

- Nordics, Scandinavians & Baltic

Light Skin - yellow or beige undertones

We recommend 10K or 14k yellow gold jewelry. White gold can also work fabulously and is currently trendy.

- Americans

- Australians

- Europeans

- Russians

Medium Skin - olive undertones

Rose gold jewelry complements olive skin perfectly, but 21K/22K yellow gold is a great option too!

- Mediterraneans

- Mexicans

- North Indians

- South Americans

Dark Skin – black or dark brown undertones

We strongly recommend the classic, 21K/22K yellow gold jewelry.

- Africans

- South-East Asians


At we do our best to offer options for our product, so that you can find the right jewelry for your unique features.

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